Lets get Physical!

If you are looking for an activity holiday, you are in for a treat as ActivityBreaks have an endless list of thrilling activities available to you as well as a variety of countries in Europe to get in active in.  Your holiday could involve the following activities: canoeing, climbing, kayaking, trekking, horse riding, sailing and many more.

Croatia is the current hotspot for activity holidays, as it is a Mediterranean gem that still holds traditional charm and culture.  Home to stunning beaches, crystal sea and lakes, this location can lead you sailing, canoeing, snorkelling and endless water fun.  Or discover the land by foot with guided relaxing walks in National Parks.  Italy also offers active fun with it's outstanding lakes and land perfect for mountain bike tours.  Or if you fancy a spot a bit closer to home the Lake District is home to activities packed full of adrenaline and excitement with mountain sports.  The choices are endless and the perfect activity holidays is just waiting for you and your sense of adventure.

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