Living it up in Krakow

Stuck for an idea when choosing your weekend breaks? If you’re looking for a European destination, it seems that Poland short breaks are becoming more popular with the holiday crowd.

Poland short breaks

Poland short breaks

Krakow is the capital city and is a thriving city full of young people eager to take part in the night life. So many people book  Poland short breaks for many different reasons.

There are the ever popular stag weekends, which lends a modicum of culture to an otherwise ‘busy’ weekend. Many travellers journey here to sightsee and soak up the history of the city, there are also tours to Auschwitz, which though harrowing, a lesson to all that history must not be forgotten.

Then there are the swarms of female shoppers descending on the commercial centre of Krakow. The sales in early Spring and Summer are legendary here, with keen shoppers scheduling their breaks just to coincide with the sales in the department stores.

Just a short flight away from anywhere in Europe, you can see why Krakow is an up and coming popular city break with the seasoned traveller!

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Rome, Paris and Edinburgh for rugby fans

Did you watch the rugby this year? It made me wish I had booked one of the Six Nations Packages with Activity Breaks. It was all so thrilling just watching on the television; friends told me the atmosphere at the grounds was unbelievable.

What the fans benefited from at the game was not just seeing their heroes in the flesh – they got to participate in cheering on their teams, that is a dream of mine and I will definitely book Six Nations Packages for next year.

Six Nations Packages

Six Nations Packages

The chance to go to Rome, Paris and the fairytale city of Edinburgh is something I can’t turn down. Being a rugby fan is a hobby, though getting to explore the best of Europe’s cities is the icing on the cake.

With each year the teams get better and stronger, competition is so tight, that’s what makes following a team so special. You know that if your team wins, they are the creme de la creme; how wonderful to watch that spectacle at a rugby ground!


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Shopping, wine-tasting or kayaking?

Taking the time off from work and flying out to the continent for a few days can be just what the doctor ordered. Some much-needed rest and relaxation from the hustle and bustle of urban life. So one of the short breaks in Europe is a great option.

What sort of holidays are you interested in? A weekend in Prague is perfect for a girlie weekend, shopping in the large commercial district during the day ( the summer sales are a big must-see ) and enjoying the night life later on – which can continue into the wee hours!

Short breaks in Europe

Short breaks in Europe

If you’re more into a cultured break then one of the best short breaks in Europe has to be Tuscany. Catch Andrea Bocelli’s concert in his home village, attend a wine-tasting event in one of the many vineyards or simply sample the local cuisine.

Should you be geared up for one of the more activity-based short breaks in Europe then kayaking around the Croatian islands is superb. What better way to explore the coast of this beautiful country than to kayak with a group of friends and stop off at the islands for lunch and some exploring.

That’s the great thing about short breaks, you get to see a little bit of a country, only to end up going back year after year for a longer holiday!


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Weekend skiing fun

Short ski holidays are a brilliant way to get active for those who only want to use up some of their holiday time from work. Weekends away to the slopes of Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland are very popular amongst the thrill-seeking holiday makers.

Short ski holidays gives one enough time to fly in to the resort, settle in, get the equipment and ski pass straight away and be on the snowy slopes in less time than it takes some commuters to get home from work! What kind of short ski holidays would you prefer to book? Up high in the Alps of Italy and France, where the more experienced skiiers show their daring attitude and unbelievable skill, or the lower slopes at the foot of the mountains, where the slopes are safer though a lot busier.

Short ski holidays

Short ski holidays

It’s the kind of holiday you take at your own pace. You can either zoom down the mountain all day long or join your friends by the fire apres-ski and enjoy a well-earned cocktail!


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A mixture of relaxation and fun in Italia

Family holidays in Italy are so affordable these days, with cheap flights and special offers on Activity Breaks, there really is no reason not to go this summer.

Especially with the number of activities offered to young families and families with teenaged children, it takes the stress out of organising fun trips. There is something guaranteed for all the family members to enjoy. Golf and cycling for dad, swimming and walking and yoga for mum, a kids clubs for young tots and kayaking, windsurfing and horseriding for the older children who seek a bit of an adventure.

Family Holidays in Italy

Family Holidays in Italy

This is why many people book family holidays in Italy, you get the promise of sunny weather and the chance to live in a different culture for a few days with welcoming and friendly hosts; you also have the chance to holiday on a budget. Also many activities provide good well-spoken English guides.

If you want to enjoy a memorable break away in Sardinia, or Tuscany then book family holidays in Italy!


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The refined pleasures of a concert in Tuscany

Have you booked your ticket to the Andrea Bocelli concert? The tickets are selling out fast as it’s a matter of weeks to go!

Andrea Bocelli concert

Andrea Bocelli concert

The last concert I went to was a few years ago in Glastonbury, England. Camping on farmland and seeing the world’s top artists was certainly a thrill. The weather was decidedly not a thrill – I had to buy wellington boots on the second day of the festival. And as much as I love being at one with nature and sleeping under the stars, you do miss your home comforts, something you will take for granted in Italy at the Andrea Bocelli concert.

You get to stay in a lovely, cosy hotel, with food provided throughout the stay and of course your own bathroom. Something you really miss when you’re camping at a festival where you can queue for ages to use the toilet. And there are no showers!

At the Andrea Bocelli concert you will arrive in comfort, be shown to your seat ( all standing at most festivals ) and sit back and relax, thrilling in the beautiful voice of Italy’s great singer. Much more civilised than rocking out in a muddy field!

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