Forget the airport novel and get out there!

How many books do you take with you on holiday? Or on your kindle, how many novels do you try to read on your break? My yardstick for assessing how good a holiday has been is by how much time I get to read. If I read a lot then there hasn't been much to...

Chill out after skiing in the spa

Where is the best spa that you've been to? In Europe I have to say the spa town of Bormio in the north of Italy is out of this world. If you want total relaxation, time out from the daily grind, just time to yourself then this is the place to be. Heaven on earth. More

Are we having fun yet?!

The worst holiday I ever had was in one of my favourite places. It was in South West France, in a little cottage miles from the nearest town or beach. It rained every day that week. Cats and dogs. We were isolated. No TV. And all the activities we planned to do were cancelled due...

Six Nations Tickets – Have you got yours?

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth games are providing an exciting summer of sport and its been great watching the Rugby Sevens with its fast moving pace. It was the two best teams that braved it to the final, New Zealand and South Africa. What a magnificent final it was too, with South Africa winning the battle and...

Get the most out of ski resorts

The next time I go on a skiing trip to Europe, I am going to spend less time on the slopes and take advantage of the local amenities. The number of leisure activities offered by ski resorts is growing year after year. And it looks like fun! There are now snow parks. You can use the...

Get active on your holiday

What do you like to do on holiday? A break from work can mean catching up with friends, seeing family. Get some gardening done. And reading the latest bestseller. Not terribly exciting. Relaxing, certainly, but after a couple of days of inactivity, some of us are thinking about getting back to the office! Activity holidays are...