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Andrea Bocelli Live In Tuscany 2015

Finally the news we have all been waiting for, the Maestro Andrea Bocelli will play his annual concert at the Teatro del Silenzio on the 2nd of August 2015. This event promises to provide a spectacular evening of opera and a chance to see Bocelli perform in front of his home audience. This is a very...

A Christmas shopping trip in Krakow with a bargain price tag

There are lots of advertisements creeping in alerting us to the upcoming Christmas period. It's less than three months away. It would be nice to enjoy the autumn season, and we may complain about the commercial overload leading up to the season, but we all participate nonetheless! Shopping trips abroad are very popular at this time of...

Romantic Getaway in Madeira

There are times in life when you just want to switch off, relax and hibernate from the outside world. As the days get shorter and you feel the temperature fall we all start dreaming of a place in the sun. Madeira offers a pleasant climate all year round and it’s the perfect place to try one...

The magical voice of Andrea Bocelli

Did you miss the concert in Tuscany this year? It was a sell out show and went down a storm. Tickets are hard to come by so make sure you contact us to put your name on the list for tickets.

Andrea Bocelli plays a concert in his home village every...


Finding new places to ski

Are you one of those lucky people who manages to go skiing at least once, maybe twice a year? There seem to be a lot of people on my Facebook who send lovely photos of their ski trips in Austria, France, Italy and Slovenia. The only problem they complain about is finding a new challenge, an...