Cheap Activity Holidays ideal for during the School Holidays

There has been a lot of recent new cover regarding the price of activity holidays and family breaks during the School Holidays.   An e-petition was sent to the Government with nearly 170,000 signatures and the matter was discussed by the MP’s.  There was talk of schools maybe staggering term dates in the future, thereby extending peak holiday periods and possibly bringing down prices.  But nothing looks to change this year at least.

So what other ways can you save on money when booking activity holidays?

Well one way you can save money, is to pick a different style of accommodation. For example our Sardinia Activity holiday is based on staying in luxury tents or our Croatia Activity Holiday is based in staying in Eco Huts.  Both these options offer great value for money with excellent activities already included in the price.  They even offer Happy Hour’s for the parents.

Another option is to maybe travel in a big group.  For example you maybe get a better deal if two or three families decided to travel together and stay in a large chalet or apartment. This means you are spreading the cost of the accommodation instead of paying it as one large sum. Contact the team at ActivityBreaks and we will find a suitable holiday for you and your family.

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Bormio Is Much More Than A Ski Resort

Bormio is the quintessential mountain resort! Nestled in the Alps and just on the border where Italy meets Switzerland, its the place to head for spas, jaw dropping mountain views and wonderful skiing.

You can see why visitors have flocked here since as far back as the 1st century BC, if I was a weary Roman solider Bormio would seem like heaven. Picture yourself in warm infinity spa pool, in the dark relaxing in complete tranquillity, the only light is the blue glow coming from the water of the pool and you can see Bormio  lit up below you with its lights twinkling like stars.  I had the pleasure of visiting one of Bormio’s 3 spa and wellness centres during my visit and I will definitely be returning.

Bormio town centre is the sort of place where you can spend hours wondering along the narrowed cobbled streets.  Each corner you turns leads to a wonderful discovery, like a tasty little pizza restaurant or an independent shop offering designer label clothing to other small shops offering local handmade arts and crafts.

Bormio ski breaks are not the only reason you need to come here! Yes the  Bormio ski runs are some of the best in the world but come here for clean mountain air, complete relaxation, gorgeous hotels and some marvellous Italian food.

Bormio Ski

Bormio SKi

Photo Credit: Flickr/ David Jones

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F1 2014 : The Season Ahead

Please tell me that the new F1 rules will make for a more exciting racing season than last year! F1 packages up celebrity with on track thrills or at least that’s what we expect, but lets hope this season we some real competition between different drivers and teams.

Since last season the F1 drivers have been getting all loved up, Jenson is engaged (much to the dissappointed of ladies across the land) and Lewis is back with his beloved Nicole, does that mean he will be back on top in the world of F1? Who knows its all to play for in the 2014 F1 season.

The 2014 F1 season has not only seen the introduction of new rules, it’s also the first time the drivers have been allowed to pick their own race number that will be with them for the rest of their careers. Before the numbers displayed on each car were determined by the results of the constructors championship, but not this year! Watch out for the new numbers, I am sure all you F1 hardcore fans don’t need explaining the significance of each of their new numbers.

2014 F1 packages are available to book now!

F1 Packages

F1 Packages

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Book Your 2014 Rugby Six Nations Tours Here

Stag weekends are usually the reason for a boys get together and a long weekend away from partners. But if you want more than just a weekend of drinking then a sports event is the ideal excuse to get away.

The Rugby Six Nations is one of the best rugby championships in the world and if you’re gutted that you never got tickets for one of this year’s fixtures why not take advantage of our simple hotel and ticket packages for the Rugby Six Nations tours in 2015.

The Six Nations tours are extremely popular so you need to plan ahead for next year now, and you and your friends could be supporting your team in London, Dublin, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Paris or Rome.

The Twickenham games tend to be more expensive so if you have a budget in mind you should consider one of the games at the Aviva in Dublin. Dublin and the surrounding countryside have so much to offer weekend tourists and Dublin always has one the best buzzes about it during the 6 Nations championship matches.

Our Six Nations tours include your hotel accommodation, match tickets and breakfast, if you need us to arrange any extra activities or transfers just ask!

six nations tours

six nations tours

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Great selection of Culture Short Breaks available on

ActivityBreaks have been operating since 2005 and for the last 9 years we have been providing a great selection of Culture Short Breaks that are available throughout Europe.

When you think of a culture short break you may automatically think of Paris or London.  However there is so much more on offer in Europe!

For example, have you thought of any of the following:

Krakow, Poland with its amazing sights and off course you can’t visit Krakow without visiting Auschwitz.

Zagreb, Croatia with its amazing museums and unusual tours such as Sensual Zagreb tour.

Salzburg, Austria. Famous of course for the Sound of Music!

Tirano, Italy – A lovely Italian Town with amazing Church and the starting point of the Bernina Express.

Prague, Czech Republic – Interesting walking and beet tasting tours.  Or see Justin Timberlake, Manic Street Preachers or Lady Gaga live at the O2 Arena.

Milan, Italy – Famous for its fashion and the Piazza Duomo and San Siro Stadium.   But its also home to wonderful concerts such as Miley Cyrus, One Direction and Pearl Jam who are all performing in 2014.

So if you are looking for an alternative culture short break, then check out the website today!











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Adventure Holidays – a refreshing break from the norm!

The way we holiday has changed dramatically over the years,holidays used to be arranged through a travel agency. But the internet changed everything and now travellers can design their own holiday in a few simple steps!

Adventure holidays are more popular than ever as new activities emerge and people want to step out of their comfort zone and get the most from their holiday experience. Today’s tourists like to share their experiences on social media through status posts and photos, this encourages their friends to join them or envy them for their adventures. We all have that one friend who continually enjoys posting photos of themselves trying out that new extreme sport!

Lounging around by the pool is a thing of the past, families want to get in on the action too. People are seeking new experiences from their family holiday and family adventure holidays provide opportunities for enjoying outdoor activities like sailing, kayaking, rock climbing and more, all under the watchful of eye of trained instructors.

At we have a 10 year history of offering our customers a refreshing holiday experience! So why come along for the ride and experience a the difference this summer!

Adventure Holidays

Adventure Holidays

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