Bormio: 2015 English Alpine Championships

This week the ski resort of Bormio, Italy play hosts to the 2015 English Alpine Championships, this championship sees the rising stars in British skiing compete against each other in range of down hill races.

This is the 9th successive year Bormio has been chosen to host the Championships and it's a fantastic location not only for the skiers but for their families and supporters. The event is extremely well organised and it's the perfect opportunity for the young skiers and the adult competitors enjoy 5 days competing across all of the Alpine disciplines. The competition includes a night slalom, a giant slalom and a team slalom.

Bormio is the ideal place for Italian ski holidays and that's why it's the ideal resort to host the championship. Bormio is steeped in history and tradition, it's residents know how to have fun and their love of the mountains is evident in events like the annual carnival and the Palio delle Contrade.

The Palio delle Contrade allows everyone to share their love of the mountains through a healthy sports competition between the Bormio districts. The competition includes downhill and cross country skiing through the streets of the town. Those taking part in the event wear traditional attire and even use wooden skis as there forefathers would have. The whole event is finished off with one big party for everyone to enjoy.

Bormio invites tourists to enjoy the folklore, the feasting and the atmosphere created by
the range of events throughout the ski season, so if you enjoy some real culture and customs as part of your Italian ski holidays, Bormio is the place to be this winter!


Short ski breaks that fit in with your schedule

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Taking time out on European City Breaks

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Taking time out on European City Breaks

Taking time out on European City Breaks

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Taking time out on European City Breaks

Taking time out on European City Breaks

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