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Hassle Free Short Breaks

Do you ever find yourself going on city breaks and forgetting to visit some of your favourite places because you didn't pre plan? With our short breaks in Europe we have designed a selection of exciting 'things to do' in Europes most interesting destinations, with a variety of hotels to make booking your short break in Europe simple. We have...

See the real locations of the classic film favourite

Did you see lots of movies over the festive period? There were the usual repeats and old family favourites. One movie is the classic musical I love to sit down and watch with the family every year. Watching the Von Trapps escaping from the Nazis still makes my heart race, it is a truly great film...

Indulge your senses in Venice

Lots of folk will have received spa vouchers this Christmas and New Year. And it's a lovely gift, though often at a local hotel where the spa is not the primary business of the establishment. And it shows. There's a small pool if you're lucky. Some don't even provide slippers and robe - as I...

The best shopping in Eastern Europe

Winter breaks in Poland are renowned for many things. For one, you are in one of the oldest and most majestic cities in Europe. Tourists are spoiled for choice in choosing where to eat, shop and tour. And it is among the cheapest city breakaways you can book with Activity Breaks. More

Well deserved time out in Madeira

How has your winter been? A long commute to work, in traffic and hustle and bustle. Sure, the weekends can make up for the week spent craning your neck at the computer, but what you really need, and deserve, is a trip off to a faraway land. Turn off your phone, close the diary, shut...

Visit the Christmas Market in Budapest!

The traditional Budapest Christmas Market is the greatest event during the weeks of Advent, which provides a special holiday atmosphere at the heart of the city. This year it is being held for the 15th time, starting on Saturday 29th November 2014. [caption id="attachment_10660" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Visit the Christmas Market in Budapest! More